It’s Sunny! Why Should I Worry About My Gutters Now?

So far this July the weather in the UK has been fantastic, we have had very little rain and the majority of us haven’t given much thought to our gutters as a result. It’s not raining so why would we?


It’s a fair point but when was the last time we considered the state of the gutters? It’s very much a case of out of site, out of mind. The build up, however, of many years worth of leaves, twigs, pines and moss may have created a layer of long lasting dirt or sludge which is currently damaging your gutter joints or restricting the flow of water to the downpipes.

purchase our Hedgehog Gutter Brush and slip them into place

With the long sunny summer days we are experiencing at the moment there has never been a better time to get up on a ladder and check the gutter, it may come as a surprise just how bad they may be. If debris is found, use our gutter scoop to clear it out, pour some hot soapy water through to check for leaks and clean the surface at the same time. The last step is to ensure that this process is not required in future, purchase our Hedgehog Gutter Brush and slip them into place. Sleep easy in the knowledge that with the gutter guard in place it will be providing long lasting protection against expensive blockages and damage.

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